You get the idea. Now its kind of become a thing to do at tailgates.

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Some Dicks Sporting Goods stores in upstate New York are stocking up with center-folding tables in hopes that Bills fans have something to celebrate after Sundays playoff game against the Chiefs.

Bills fans folding tables. Like West Virginia and burning couches. Support this work for 1 a. Bills fans love to smash tables.

Andrew Cuomo allowed about 6500 fans to attend the teams two home playoff games the team is discouraging table slamming in the parking lots. Fans tailgating at Buffalo Bills games this season could face criminal charges or be ejected for table-slamming a practice of jumping into and breaking plastic folding tables that has been. Its as much a social media hashtag as it is an identity.

But the Bills faithful probably couldnt be prouder to watch this baby take its first table slam. What started off as a tweet is now a worldwide movement of Buffalo Bills fans. On July 23rd 2017 Barstool Sports uploaded a documentary on Bills Mafia to YouTube which gained over 104000 views.

Bills Mafia is sort of difficult to exactly nail down. Prior to the game Labatts brew company announced wholesalers in the Houston area bought seven times the usual amount of their product in an effort to prepare for Bills fans. Besides football it seems to be one of their greatest pastimes.

Nelson strapped on his Bills helmet his Tremaine Edmunds jersey and a pair of Zubaz pants — and took out a folding table LIKE A CHAMPION. Notably on January 3rd 2016 a Bills fan jumped through a table and caught on fire. Last Sundays home opener a.

Hes been tailgating for 31 years. This video was posted by Viralhog and gained over 32000 views shown below left. Buffalo Bills fans are crazy.

Johnson is a small man with a bushy white Papa Smurf beard. Here some Buffalo Bills fans body slam tables. Barstool Sports went through a local.

The folding table thing started a year or two ago when a video of a drunk fan jumping on and smashing a folding table went viral. These fans will stand on top of a nearby vehicle or table while a crowd cheers and then leap onto a folding table WWE style which collapses amid excited roars. Through all the prayers and support I have prevailed.

The Ultimate Buffalo Bills Table Breaking Video Compilation From Their First 1st Playoff Tailgate Since 1999 break body slam tables 1718 january 7th 2018 f. So as the Bills began their postseason run and Gov. This Bills hype video will make you want to destroy a flaming folding table.

The best way to describe Bills Mafia is as a movement. The entire family was dressed in Bills garb including the youngest member. Squid is just another example and the latest of Bills Mafia to go full WWE on a table.

Lifting the toddler the fan gently tossed him through a miniature folding table smashing it in half. The table-smashing even starts at a young age as this baby will attest toIn recent years smashing through tables has become an annual tradition for the Bills fandom. So yes this means that local retailers prepared in advance for Bills fans to buy tables and presumably smash themselves through them to celebrate the.

For The Wins Nick Schwartz spotted video of a Bills fan throwing a friend wearing a Marcell Dareus jersey through a table. Buffalo Bills table slamming. Bills fans arent afraid to take the table-throwing on the road.

It involves traditions beliefs community philanthropy branding and more. Bills Fans Smashing Tables. Bills mafia is what a lot of Buffalo Bills fans call themselves.

Dicks Sporting Goods is selling tables in. Bills Mafia is a uniquely fervent NFL fanbase and it may be summed up by their continued desire to violently toss their bodies through folding tables as part of a strange pregame ritual. Earlier this month during the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak one Bills fan even threw his baby through a tiny folding table with a cake on it.

Bills fan brings folding table to Jacksonville with his luggage on a plane By Staff Jan 7 2018 Jan 7 2018 Updated Jul 9 2020. Meanwhile in Buffalo stores have 6 showing. Hasnt missed a Bills game home or away since 1994.

The toddler got a little help from what appears to be his father. Video posted Sunday shows a group of fans setting a folding table on fire then throwing a. In little surprise Bills Mafia has invaded Houston ahead of their teams game against the Texans.

Bills fan Matt Johnson shared a photo on Twitter Tuesday of the Dicks store where he says this took place. Walmart did not follow suit. NFL and college football fans have crazy gender reveals all of the time.

Buffalo Bills fans table-slamming is a favorite pa. It happened for no. Bills fans have grown an affinity for jumping through folding tables to express their fandom and excitement as stores are taking more action to prepare themselves.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports Oscar da. The Bills fans reveled in having gone rogue and one of the leaders a man named Del Reid coined the hashtag BillsMafia.

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